IX.  Comic Book Writers

1.  Dan Abnett:  Writer on DC/Vertigo's The New Deadwardians (Episode 193).

2.  Scott Allie:  Writer of Dark Horse Comics' B.P.R.D.: The Dead Remembered and Star Wars: Jedi - The Dark Side (Episode 143).

3.  Andrew Aydin: Writer on Top Shelf's March (Episode 264).

4.  John Barber:  Writer on IDW Publishing's Transformers: More than Meets the Eye (Episode 220).

5.  Corinna Bechko:  Writer on BOOM! Studios' Exile on the Planet of the Apes (Episode 186 & 241).

6.  Mike Carey:  Writer of DC Vertigo's The Unwritten (Episode 90).

7.  Mike Costa:  Writer of IDW's Transformers and G. I. Joe:  Cobra (Episode 73, 122, & 151).

8.  JM DeMatteis:  Writer on IDW Publishing's The Adventures of Augusta Wind (Episode 228).

9.  Andy Diggle:  Writer of DC Vertigo’s The Losers (Episode 98).

10.  Anthony Del Col:  Co-writer of IDW Publishing's Kill Shakespeare (Episode 110 & 121).

11.  Joshua Dysart:  Writer of Dark Horse Comics' BPRD: 1946 and writer of DC Comics' Unknown Soldier (Episodes 11 & 94).

12.  Matt Fraction:  Writer of Marvel Comics' The Invincible Iron Man (Episode 74).

13.  Christos Gage: Writer of Marvel Comics' Avengers Academy and IDW Publishing's G.I. Joe: Cobra (Episode 117).

14.  Sterling Gates:  Writer of DC Comics’ Supergirl (Episode 19).

15.  Bryan J.L.Glass:  Creator of Dark Horse Comics' Furious (Episode 278).

16.  Brea Grant:  Writer of IDW Publishing’s We Will Bury You (Episode 55).

17.  Jonathan Hickman:  Writer of Marvel Comics' Fantastic Four (Episode 100).

18.  Kyle Higgins:  Writer on DC Comics' Nightwing (Episode 188).

19.  Joe Hill:  Award-winning author and co-creator of IDW Publishing's Locke and Key (Episode 16).

20.  Sam Humphries:  Writer on Marvel Comics' Uncanny X-Men (Episode 233).

21.  Mike Johnson:  Writer of IDW Publishing's Star Trek:  Countdown (Episode 46, 172, & 314).

22.  Peter Johnson:  Co-writer of Aspen Comics' Haunted City (Episode 169).

23.  Tim Jones:  Writer of IDW Publishing's Star Trek:  Countdown (Episode 46).

24.  Collin Kelly:  Writer on Archaia Entertainment's Hactivist (Episode 276).

25.  J.T. Krul:  Writer of DC Comics' Green Arrow (Episode 97).

26.  Jackson Lanzing:  Writer on Archaia Entertainment's Hactivist (Episode 276).

27.  Jeff Lemire:  Writer of DC Vertigo's Sweet Tooth and DC Comics' Animal Man (Episode 129 & 187).

28.  Jeph Loeb:  Writer of DC Comics'  Batman: The Long Halloween, Superman: For All Seasons, and Hulk (Episode 97).

29.  Joseph Mallozzi:  Writer on Dark Horse Comics' Dark Matter (Episode 185 and 331).

30.  Billy Martin:  Writer of IDW Publishing’s Vitriol the Hunter and guitarist and keyboardist of pop, punk band, Good Charlotte (Episode 55).

31.  Conor McCreery:  Co-writer of IDW Publishing's Kill Shakespeare (Episode 110).

32.  Bryan Q. Miller:  Writer of DC Comics' Batgirl and Smallville (Episode 149 & 234).

33.  Chris Mowry:  Writer on IDW Publishing's Godzilla: Rulers of Earth (Episode 279).

34.  Mark Osborne:  Writer on Bongo Comics' Mylo Xyloto (Episode 242).

35.  Dara Naraghi:  Writer of IDW Publishing’s Witch and Wizard and founder of independent comic publisher Ferret Press (Episode 93).

36.  Jimmy Palmiotti:  Writer of Radical Comics' Time Bomb and DC Comics’ Jonah Hex and Freedom Fighters (Episode 55 and 124).

37.  Jeff Parker:  Writer of Marvel Comics’ Agents of Atlas, Thunderbolts, and Hulk and DC Comics' Batman '66 (Episode 80, 121, & 251).

38.  Mike Raicht:  Writer of Th3rd World Studios' The Stuff of Legend (Episode 107, 134, 148, & 249).

39.  Brian Reed:  Writer of IDW Publishing's G.I. Joe and Marvel Comics’ The Siege and Ms. Marvel (Episode 88).

40.  Chip Reece:  Writer/Creator of independent comic Metaphase (Episode 276).

41.  Rick Remender: Writer of Marvel Comics' The Uncanny X-Force and Marvel Comics' Venom (Episode 138).

42.  James Robinson:  Writer of DC Comics’ Superman (Episode 19).

43.  Mairghread Scott:  Writer on IDW Publishing's Transformers: Windblade (Episode 296 & 347).

44.  Scott Snyder:  Writer of DC Vertigo's American Vampire (Episode 107, 200, & 236).

45.  Jim Shooter:  Writer of DC Comics’ Legion of Super-Heroes, Marvel Comics’ Secret Wars, and former Editor-in-Chief of Marvel Comics (Episode 19).

46.  Charles Soule:  Writer on Marvel Comics' She-Hulk and DC Comics' Superman/Wonder-woman (Episode 273).

47.  Chap Taylor:  Co-writer of Aspen Comics' Haunted City (Episode 169).

48.  Paul Tobin:  Writer of Marvel Comics' Spider-Man and the Secret Wars and Marvel Superhero Squad (Episode 73).

49.  Peter Tomasi:  Writer of DC Comics' Green Lantern Corps (Episode 71).

50.  Fred Van Lente:  Co-writer of Marvel Comics’ The Incredible Hercules and writer of Marvel’s X-Men:  Noir (Episode 25 & 292).

51.  Owen Wiseman:  Writer on Images Comics' Samurai's Blood (Episode 169).

52.  G. Willow Wilson:  Writer of DC/Vertigo’s Cairo and Air (Episode 7).

53.  Gene Yang:  Writer of First Second's The Shadow Hero,  Level Up and First Second's Boxers & Saints (Episode 163, 262, 297, 331, & 389).

54.  Jim Zubkavich:  Writer of Street Fighter Legends: Ubiki, Image Comics' Skullkickers, and Project Manager at UDON Entertainment (Episode 90, 135, 180, & 280).