V.  Visual FX Masters

 1.  Aaron Beck: Lead Designer on James Cameron’s Avatar (Episode 87).

2.  Greg Broadmore:  Lead designer on Academy Award-nominated District 9 (Episode 59, 91, & 108).

3.  Matthew Butler:  Digital Domain's Visual Effects Supervisor on Transformers: Dark of the Moon (Episode 157).

4.  Jared Carr:  Art Director for Sony Online Entertainment and Lead Designer of DC Universe Online (Episode 42).

5.  Graeme Devine: Lead developer of Microsoft’s Halo Wars (2009) (Episode 14).

6.  Matthew Gratzner: Co-founder of visual effects studio, New Deal Studios (Episode 20).

7.  Chris Guise:  Weta Workshop's Lead Concept Designer on The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn (Episode 180).

8.  Leri Greer: Lead Designer on James Cameron’s  Avatar (Episode 87).

9.  Ian Hunter: Neal Deal Studio's Visual Effects Supervisor (Episode 15 and 325).

10.  Nikos Kalaitzidis:  Digital Domain's Digital Effects Supervisor on X-Men: First Class (Episode 155).

11.  Jonathan Litt:  Digital Domain's CG Supervisor on Disney's TRON: Legacy (Episode 137).

12.  Scott Meadows:  Digital Domain's Previz & Layout Supervisor on Disney's TRON: Legacy (Episode 143).

13.  Erik Nash:  Digital Domain's Visual Effects Supervisor on Dreamworks' Real Steel (Episode 170).

14.  Lorne Peterson:  Co-founder of ILM's Model Shop and Author of Insight Editions' Sculpting a Galaxy: Inside the Star Wars Model Shop (Episode 160).

15. Kelly Port:  Digital Domain's Visual Effects Supervisor on Marvel Studios' Thor (Episode 168).

16.  Peter Rubin:  Lead Concept Designer on Man of Steel (Episode 262).

17.  Richard Taylor: Creator and head of New Zealand prop and special effects company, Weta Workshop (Episode 14 & 60).

18.  Ra Vincent:  Set Decorator on The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (Episode 272).

19.  Matthias Wittman:  Digital Domain's Animation Supervisor on TRON: Legacy (Episode 137).