XII.  Directors

1.  Michael Barnett:  Director of HBO's documentary, Superheroes (Episode 161).

2.  Peter Blau: Chief Director of Washington, D.C.'s Chapter of The Red Circle Society (Episode 57).

3.  Neill Blomkamp: Director of Peter Jackson’s District 9 (Episode 59). 

4.  David Bowers: Director of Imagi Animation Studios' Astro Boy  (Episode 10).

5.  Bob Bowdon: Director of documentary The Cartel (Episode 95).

6.  Peter Chung:  Director of Cartoon Network's Firebreather (Episode 123).

7.  Scott Cooper: Director of Academy Award-winning Crazy Heart (Episode 85).

8.  Anthony Desiato:  Director of My Comic Shop DocumentARy (Episode 185).

9.  Nash Edgerton: Director of Apparition’s The Square (Episode 93).

10.  Emily Hagins: Director, writer, and producer of independent film, Pathogen (Episode 65).

11.  Leslie Iwerks:  Director of Starz Documentary, Industrial Light & Magic:  Creating the Impossible (Episode 122).

12.  Brian Herzlinger:  Director of My Date with Drew (Episode 12).

13.  Joel Gerlach: Director of independent film The Probe (Episode 95).

14.  Aleem Hossain: Director of web-series Central Division (Episode 91).

15.  Juliet Landau: Director of short subject documentary Take Flight (Episode 92).

16.  Steven Lisberger:  Director of Disney's Tron (Episode 110).

17.  Tomm Moore:  Director of Cartoon Saloon's The Secret of Kells (Episode 88).

18.  Michael Morrissey:  Director of Boy Wonder Productions' Boy Wonder (Episode 145).

19.  Bradley Ricca:  Director of documentary Last Son (Episode 125).