1.  Layla Aker:  Editor of VIZ Media's Claymore and Afterschool Charisma (Episode 43, 52, 61, 105, & 116).

2.  Mika Anami:  VIZ Pictures Marketing Director behind the U.S. distribution of the Death Note series (Episode 27).

3.  Jason Bergenfeld:  Editor of VIZ Media's anime Bleach (Episode 35).

4.  Christopher Boily:  Editor-in-Chief of VIZ Media's Shonen Jump Magazine (Episode 130).

5.  Jason DeAngelis:  President and Founder of Tor/Seven Seas Entertainment and publisher of Manga, Afro Samurai  (Episode 24).

6.  Pancha Diaz:  Editor of VIZ Media’s Death Note, Editor of VIZ Media’s Natsume’s Book of Friends (Episode 21 & 87), Editor of VIZ Media’s Bleach (Episode 26), Editor of VIZ Media's Library Wars (Episode 107).

7.  Joel Enos:  Editor of VIZ Media's Ultimo, Naruto, Psyren, Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan,  Toriko, and Ikigami: The Ultimate Limit(Episode 36, 54, 62, 66, 84, 136, 142, & 160).

8.  Kit Fox:  Editor of VIZ Media’s SLAM DUNK (Episode 17) VIZ Media's 20th Century Boys (Episode 39), Editor of VIZ Media’s Monsterand Rurouni Kenshin (Episode 29, 50, & 56).

9.  William Germain:  Editor of VIZ Media's anime Bleach (Episode 35).

10.  Daniel Gillespie:  Editor of VIZ Media's Tegami Bachi (Episode 69), Editor of VIZ Media's Dorohedoro (Episode 94), and Editor of VIZ Media's Saturn Apartments (Episode 122).

11.  Elizabeth Kawasaki:  Editorial Director and Editor of VIZ Media’s Tekkonkinkreet (Episode 23), Editor of VIZ Media’s Go Go Monster (Episode 89), and Editor of VIZ Media's Bakuman (Episode 117).

12.  Joshua Lopez:  Co-Producer of VIZ Media's Monster (Episode 75).

13.  Nick Mamatas:  Lead Editor on VIZ Media's series of   Haikasoru Japanese science fiction novels, Editor of VIZ Media’s Battle Royale and VIZ Media’s Brave Story, and Editor of VIZ Media’s L: Change the World (Episodes 63, 69, 72, & 202).

14.  Andrew McKeon:  Co-editor of VIZ Media's Biomega (Episode 91).

15.  Mike Montesa:  Editor of VIZ Media's RIN-NE (Episode 80), Co-editor of VIZ Media's Biomega (Episode 91).

16.  Yuki Murashige:  Editor of VIZ Media's Nightmare Inspector (Episode 47).

17.  Andy Nakatani:  Editor of VIZ Media's Vagabond, Pluto, Cross Game, Monster, and 20th Century Boys (Episodes 34, 49, 138, & 172).

18.  Brian Piech: VIZ Media's Vice President of Digital Publishing (Episode 178).

19.  Lex Scheuble:  VIZ Media's Product Marketing Manager (Episode 79 & 82).

20.  Traci Todd:  VIZ Media's Editor of VIZ Kids (Episode 182).

21.  Amy Yu:  Editor of VIZ Media's Stepping on Roses and Dawn of the Arcana (Episode 96 & 183).