I.  Comic Book Creators

1.  Neal Adams:  Legendary comic illustrator/creator of DC Comics' Batman: Odyssey (Episode 106).

2.  Rachel Hope Allison:  Creator of Archaia Entertainment's I'm Not a Plastic Bag (Episode 195).

3.  Frank Barbiere:  Creator of Image Comics' Five Ghosts (Episode 301).

4.  Ed Brisson:  Creator of Image Comics' Comeback (Episode 227 & 282).

5.  Vera Brosgol:  Creator of First Second's Anya's Ghost (Episode 171).

6.  Bob Budiansky:  Legendary author and creator of The Transformers (Episode 52).

7.  Cullen Bunn:  Co-creator of Oni Press' The Sixth Gun (Episode 179, 211, & 305).

8.  Kurt Busiek:  Co-creator of Image Comics' Tooth & Claw (Episode 301).

9.  J. Scott Campbell:  Creator and artist on Danger Girl and Gen 13 (Episode 38).

10.  Cecil Castellucci:  Co-creator of First Second's The Years of the Beasts (Episode 213).

11.   Chris Claremont:  Legendary author and creator of the modern X-Men and Wolverine (Episode 45).

12.  Tony Cliff:  Creator of First Second's Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant (Episode 255).

13.  Anthony Del Col: Co-creator of IDW Publishing's Kill Shakespeare (Episode 100, 121, 135, 149, & 243).

14.  Evan Dorkin:  Co-creator of Dark Horse Comics' Beasts of Burden (Episode 177).

15.  Darwyn Cook:  Creator of DC Comics' DC: the New Frontier  (Episode 11).

16.  Daniel Corey:  Creator of Image Comics' Moriarty (Episode 176).

17.  Joshua Dysart:  Creator and writer of Vertigo/DC’s Unknown Soldier (Episode 30).

18.  Michael Easton:  Creator of Blackwatch Comics' Soul Stealer (Episode 209).

19.  Nathan Edmondson:  Co-creator of Image Comics' Who is Jake Ellis? (Episode 131).

20.  Glenn Eichler:  Co-creator fo First Second's Mush! Sled Dogs with Issues (Episode 188).

21.  Joshua Hale Fialkov:  Co-creator of DC Comics' I, Vampire (Episode 182).

22.  Ben Hatke:  Creator of First Second's Zita the Spacegirl (Episode 239).

23.  Ken Garing:  Creator of Image Comics' Planetoid (Episode 196).

24.  Zach Giallongo:  Creator of First Second's Broxo (Episode 240).

25.  Dave Gibbons:  Co-creator and artist of The Watchmen by DC Comics (Episode 9).

26.  Bryan J.L.Glass:  Creator of Dark Horse Comics' Furious (Episode 278).

27.  Justin Gray:  Co-creator of Image Comics' The Tattered Man (Episode 147 & 168).

28.  Pat Grant:  Creator of Top Shelf's Blue (Episode 190).

29.  Cole Haddon:  Creator of Dark Horse Comics' The Strange Case of Mr. Hyde (Episode 155).

30.  Larry Hama:  Legendary author and creator of G.I.Joe (Episode 58).

31.   Rob Harrell:  Creator of Top Shelf's Monster on the Hill (Episode 261 & 311).

32.  Joe Harris:  Creator of Image Comics' Great Pacific (Episode 226).

33.  Phil Hester:  Co-creator of Image Comics' Firebreather (Episode 139).

34.  Faith Erin Hicks:  Creator of First Second's Friends withi Boys (Episode 196).

35.  Selwyn Seyfu Hinds:  Creator of DC Vertigo's Dominque Laveau: Voodoo Child (Episode 194).

36.  Stuart Jennett:  Creator of Titan Comics' Chronos Commandos: Dawn Patrol (Episode 257).

37.  Mat Johnson:  Author of DC Vertigo's Dark Rain and author of Spiegel and Grau's Pym (Episode 114 & 142).

38.  J.G Jones:  Co-creator of Top Cow Comics' Wanted (Episode 2).

39.  Kazu Kibuishi:  Creator of Graphix/Scholastic Books' Amulet (Episode 164).

40.  Viktor Kalvachev:  Creator of Image Comics' Blue Estate (Episode 145).

41.  Matt Kindt:  Creator of DC Vertigo's Revolver and Dark Horse Comics' Mind Mgmt (Episode 159, 282, & 323).

42.  Joe Kubert:  Legendary comic creator and founder of The Kubert School (Episode 92 & 139).

43.  Stan Lee:  Creator of Marvel Comics' Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, The X-Men, The Fantastic Four, Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor (Episode 124).

44.  Royden Lepp:  Creator of Archaia Entertainment's Rust (Episode 183).

45.  Rob Liefeld:  Co-founder of Image Comics (Episode 75).

46.  Sonny Liew:  Creator of Image Comics' Malinky Robot: Collected Stories and Other Bits (Episode 162).

47.  Ben McCool:  Co-creator of Image Comics' Memoir (Episode 141 & 177).

48.  Kagan McCleod:  Creator of Top Shelf's Infinite Kung Fu (Episode 174).

49.  Mike Mignola:  Creator of Dark Horse Comics’ Hellboy (Episode 6).

50.  Mark L. Miller: Creator of Zenescope's Grimm Fairy Tales Present The Jungle Book (Episode 254).

51.  Michael Moreci:  Co-creator of Image Comics' Hoax Hunters (Episode 192).

52.  Jai Nitz:  Creator of Dark Horse's Dream Thief (Episode 255).

53.  Greg Pak:  Writer of Marvel Comics' The Incredible Hulk, 2011's Silver Surfer mini-series, and Pak Man Productions'  Vision Machine(Episode 1 &131).

54.  Mark Rosan:  Co-creator of Aspen Comics' Broken Pieces (Episode 174).

55.  Jeff Smith:  Creator, writer, and artist of Bone (Episode 5 & 99).

56.  David Petersen:  Creator, writer, and artist of Mouse Guard (Episode 8, 103, & 123).

57.  Eric Powell:  Eisner Award-winning creator of The Goon (Episode 81).

58.  Chris Roberson:  Creator of DC Vertigo's iZombie and writer of DC Comics' Superman (Episode 141).

59.  Steve Rolston:  Co-creator of Oni Press' Ghost Projekt (Episode 195).

60.  Riley Rossmo:  Creator of Image Comics' Rebel Blood (Episode 193).

61:  Douglas Rushkoff:  Creator of DC Vertigo's A.D.D.: Adolescent Demo Division (Episode 191).

62.  Stan Sakai:  Creator of Dark Horse Comics' Usagi Yojimbo (Episode 150 & 224).

63.  Scott Sava:  Founder and creator of the webcomic, The Dreamland Chronicles (Episode 24).

64.  Nate Simpson:  Creator of Image Comics' Nonplayer (Episode 143).

65.  Mark Andrew Smith:  Creator of Image Comics' Gladstone's School for World Conquerors (Episode 156).

66.  Richard Starkings:  Creator of Image Comics' Elephantmen (Episode 132).

67.  Dave Stewart:  Creator of DC: the New Frontier by DC Comics (Episode 11).

68.  Duane Swierczynski:  Creator of Dark Circle Comics' The Black Hood (Episode 323).

69.  D.S. Talon:  Co-creator of Archaia Entertainment's Beautiful Scars (Episode 286).

70.  E.G. Thompson:  Co-creator of Archaia Entertainment's Beautiful Scars (Episode 286).

71.   Kevin Van Hook:  Co-creator of DC Comics' Weird Worlds and producer of the Ray Harryhausen-approved Jason and the Necronauts (Episode 133).

72.  Sara Varon:  Creator of First Second's Bake Sale (Episode 183).

73.  Shane Michael-Vidaurri:  Creator of Archaia Entertainment's Iron, or The War After (Episode 204).

74.  Ben Wagner:  Creator of IDW Publishing's Baja (Episode 173).

75.  Kurtis Wiebe:  Co-creator of Image Comics' Peter Panzerfaust (Episode 265).

76.  Bernie Wrightson:  Co-creator and legendary artist of DC Comic’s Swamp Thing (Episode 22).

77.  Christopher Yost:  Creator of Marvel Comics’ X-23 and animated series Wolverine and the X-Men (Episode 86).