X.  Comic Book Artists

 1.  Charlie Adlard:  Artist on Image Comics' The Walking Dead (Episode 120).

2.  Mark Bagley: Legendary artist on Marvel Comics’ Ultimate Spider-Man and DC Comics’ Justice League of America (Episode 103).

3.  Andy Belanger:  Artist on IDW Publishing's Kill Shakespeare (Episode 110).

4.  Jonathan Case: Artist on Beyond Tomorrowland (Episode 328).

5.  Mike Choi:  Artist on Marvel Comics' X-Force and Uncanny X-Men (Episode 37).

6.  Geof Darrow:  Creator of Dark Horse Comics' Shaolin Cowboy (Episode 279).

7.  Shane Davis:  Artist on DC Comics' Superman:  Earth One (Episode 123).

8.  Mike Deodato: Artist on Marvel Comics’ Dark Avengers (Episode 47).

9.  Becky Dreistadt: Artist/Co-creator of BOOM Studios' Capture Creatures (Episode 303).

10.  Matt Frank:  Artist on IDW Publishing's Godzilla: Legends (Episode 173).

11.  Patrick Gleason:  Artist on DC Comics’ Green Lantern Corps (Episode 41).

12.  Peter Gross:  Artist on DC Vertigo’s The Unwritten (Episode 90).

13.  Daxiong Guo:  Aritist and Founder of Flag Studios, LLC (Episode 175).

14.  Gabriel Hardman:  Artist on BOOM! Studios' Exile on the Planet of the Apes (Episode 186, 241, & 254).

15.  Bryan Hitch: Artist on Marvel Comics' Fantastic Four and Marvel Comics' The Ultimates (Volumes I and II) by Marvel Comics (Episode 13).  

16.  Jason Howard:  Artist on Image Comics' The Astounding Wolf-Man (Episode 77).

17.  Jamal Igle:  Artist on DC Comics’ Supergirl (Episode 41).

18.  Joe Infurnari:  Artist and co-creator of First Second's Mush! Sled Dogs with Issues (Episode 188).

19.  J.G Jones:  Artist on DC Comics' Final Crisis(Episode 2).

20.  Nam Kim:  Artist on Image Comics' Samurai's Blood (Episode 169).

21.  Francis Manapul:  Artist on DC Comics' Adventure Comics (Episode 61, 105, & 160).

22.  Khoi Pham:  Artist on Marvel Comics' Mighty Avengers (Episode 43).

23.  Thien Pham:  Artist on First Second's Level Up (Episode 163 & 231).

24.  Ivan Reis:  Artist on DC's Green Lantern (Episode 36).

25.  Jerry Robinson:  Artist and creator of Batman archenemy, the Joker (Episode 13).

26.  Nick Roche:  Artist and co-writer on IDW Publishing's Transformers:  Last Stand of the Wreckers (Episode 90).

27.  Jeff Stokley:  Lead Artist on Archaia Press’ Fraggle Rock (Episode 93).

28.  Marcus To:  Artist on Archaia Entertainment's Hactivist (Episode 276).

29.  Andie Tong:  Artist on Disney Press' Tron: Betrayal (Episode 127).

30.  Charles Paul Wilson III:  Artist on Th3rd World Studios' The Stuff of Legend (Episode 115).

31.  Colin Wilson:  Artist on Dark Horse Comics' Star Wars:  Invasion (Episode 110).